Planting tree on "One e = One tree" 
campaign 01/06/2022

Since Allianz Insurance Laos launched My Insurance app on February 2022, up until today AZ Laos has a big campaign that showing new level of Allianz new digital experience to market, which is One e = One trees, taking part, even if its small helps move our world to become more sustainable place for all. 

Simply by switching to Allianz e-Policy via our My Insurance app and going paperless, you will help reduce CO2 emission, demand for cutting down needless trees and also increasing green areas for the environments. Allianz Insurance Laos is committed to planting 1 tree for every e-Policy registered. After we run the campaign for 2 months, up until today customers has registered e-Policy contracts for 320 policies, which is equivalent 320 trees. Therefore, on 01/06/2022 to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of National Planting Tree Day, Allianz Insurance Laos. Co.,Ltd has collected all 320 trees under My Insurance app “One e = One tree” campaign in collaboration with the Department of Forestry at Wat Dansoung, Namyang Village, Naxaythong District. Moreover, Allianz Insurance Laos. Co., Ltd also donated 50 packs of drinking water, 200 t-shirts, 50bags and 50 umbrellas. We will keep continuing this campaign “One e = One tree” under My Insurance app until end of this year.

Allianz Laos intend to take part in our efforts fighting climate change, creating a more sustainable environment for our country and reduce greenhouse gases emission!