Allianz is proud to be Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement from 2021-2028.
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As usual like every year, Allianz Insurance Laos has arranged a meeting “Agent Leader Club 2023” to summarize and conclude the work of 2022 and focus on the next goal in 2023.

We have been told that we should recycle plastic bottles and containers. But what actually happens to the plastic if we just throw it away? It can take bottle one an agonizing 1,000 years to decompose!!


On 04th – 05th July 2022, Allianz Insurance Laos Co., Ltd. Organized Allianz Agents Annual Meeting 2022 in Vangvieng, Vientiane province.

Since Allianz Insurance Laos launched My Insurance app on February 2022, up until today AZ Laos has a big campaign that showing new level of Allianz new digital experience to market, which is One e = One trees, 

Allianz Insurance Laos engourage hospital by presenting aids to doctors in Friendsip hospital during outbreak of Covid-19

On 29th December 2021, Allianz Insurance Laos Co., Ltd. Held the training on the digital tools for checking motor insurance contract for Traffic Police,
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, 19/01/2023

ຢາກໃຫ້ຕົວແທນທີ່ເຮົາເປັນລູກຄ້ານັ້ນໂທມາຢ້ຽມຢາມຖາມຂ່າວລູກຄ້າແດ່ໃນຊ່ວງໄລຍະ1ປີທີ່ເສຍປະກັນໄພ .

, 12/01/2023


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