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 Worry Free Driving Motor Insurance (WYFI)

WYFI, let you enjoy the pleasure of driving without worrying on any damages or expenses occured from car accident as your car will be coverage whichever you're right or fault. 

There are 6 options available for you to select as:

2. WYFIs
3. WYFI+
4. WYFI+s
5. WYFI2
6. WYFI2s

Lets you enjoy 5 benefits in one contract:

1.  Vehicle damage cover resulting from collision accident with motor vehicle either you are right or fault with maximum coverage up to 50 million kip per accident

2.  Accident cover for body injury and death for driver and passengers.

3.  Third Party Liability Coverage with highest TPL option including:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Death compensation to victim's family
  • Death and Permanent disability.
  • Materials damages.
  • Legal defense cover.

4.  Choose to add deductible to your contract


  • Only for Private Sedan, Van and Pick up car.
  • No need for car inspection.
  • No restriction on car model and age.
  • No claim malus and bonus for renewal.
  • Add deductible to your contract to lower your insurance premium.
* Lower your insurance premium by adding deductible.
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