When you buy insurance to cover your life, your health and your propreties such as car insurance, home insurance, small commercial business insurance as well as  health  & life insurance, you will get discount coupong of 5% to buy other new or renew your insurance contract.

It is the easy way. You just clink on the link in SMS that you received from Allianz Insurance Laos to validate your mobile phone number.

Condition of using discount coupon
  • The discount is calculated base on the net premium in the validate contract and apply to deduct in the gross premium of the next contract.
  • The discount could be use when buying the next insurance contract or renewal in the next year.
  • The discount is one time used and limited only to one contract.
  • The discount can used for new or renew contract.
  • Discount cannot change in cash.
  • The discount is valid 1 year 15 days. 
  • Allianz insurance Laos reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.