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e-Policy 1581 trees

We have been told that we should recycle plastic bottles and containers. But what actually happens to the plastic if we just throw it away? It can take bottle one an agonizing 1,000 years to decompose!!

Here at Allianz Insurance Laos, we aim to increase green areas, create environmental balance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and commit to create stability through the concept of sustainability for Laos. That is why we have a campaign called “One e = One tree”, by applying for an electronic insurance policy through the “My Insurance” app, every 1 electronic policy is for 1 tree.

After launched My Insurance app, One e = One tree campaign in February 2022, we had first planted 320 trees to support this campaign and to celebrated the 42nd anniversary of National Planting Tree Day on 01/06/2022 with the Department of Forestry at Wat Dansoung, Namyang Village, Naxaythong District. Continuing this campaign to end of December 2022 by enhanced the customer with digital experience to switch their insurance policy from paper to the electronic policy, we have collected the total of e-Policy for 1,581 which equivalents to 1,581 trees to plant by this year 2023.

Allianz Insurance Laos appreciated and Thanks to all customers whose supported this campaign that intend to take part in our efforts fighting climate change, creating a more sustainable environment for our country and reduce greenhouse gases emission.